Press for thin hair

For thin hair, it is recommended to choose a straightening iron with narrow plates and adjustable temperature. This is because thin hair is more sensitive and vulnerable to high temperatures that can damage it.

The narrow plates of the straightener are easier to work with and give more flexibility and control over the hair. Moreover, they can achieve the desired results without damaging the hair.

The adjustable temperature of the press allows you to set and choose the right temperature for your hair. This is especially important for thin hair, as it does not require high heat to style and can be damaged by too high heat.

It is also good to choose a straightener with a suitable coating that allows it to glide smoothly over the hair to avoid pulling the hair when it is tangled.

Important: Using a hair straightener can damage your hair in the long run, regardless of the type of straightener. It should therefore be used sparingly and in combination with other hair styling methods, such as low heat blow drying and/or use of suitable styling products.

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