Scalp with dandruff

What is dandruff?

Dandruff is a scalp condition in which white or gray flakes of varying sizes form that detach and fall from the hair on clothes. These flakes are actually dead skin cells that are shed from the skin as it renews itself.

The causes of dandruff can be many – dry skin on the scalp, excessive oiliness of the scalp, sensitivity to hair products, microbial or fungal infections and others. Dandruff treatment usually involves the use of special shampoos and other accompanying hair products to help reduce dandruff to promote scalp health. There are cases in which dandruff is also related to other health problems, but then it is necessary to consult a doctor or dermatologist.

How to take care of dandruff scalp?

If you have a problem with dandruff on your scalp, these tips might help you deal with it:

  1. Avoid using hot water when washing your hair: hot water will irritate the skin on the scalp and make it drier, which can increase the risk of dandruff.
  2. Avoid using hair products that can irritate the scalp, such as gels or hairsprays. Choose “mild” shampoos that are specially formulated for sensitive scalp skin.
  3. Massage the scalp with light circular movements to stimulate blood circulation. This will help reduce the dryness of the scalp. by stimulating blood circulation.
  4. Avoid scratching the scalp as this will irritate the skin and increase the appearance of dandruff.
  5. If you use hair dye, choose one that is not too aggressive and does not irritate the scalp.
  6. If you are trying to deal with dandruff by using specially selected hair products, be patient. Most products take time to work.

If the scalp dandruff persists, regardless of the measures you have taken, you will need to consult a dermatologist for specialized treatment and advice.

What products and ingredients are good for dandruff scalps?

When choosing hair products to use for a dandruff scalp problem, the following ingredients and products may be helpful:

  1. Shampoos that contain salicylic acid – these shampoos help remove dead skin cells that contribute to dandruff.
  2. Shampoos that contain selenium disulfide – this ingredient is known for its antibacterial properties and can be effective in fighting dandruff.
  3. Shampoos that contain ketoconazole – this is an antifungal ingredient that can help with dandruff that is caused by fungus.
  4. Shampoos that contain zinc pyritone – this is an ingredient that can help reduce inflammation of the skin on the scalp and limit the development of dandruff.
  5. Shampoos that contain plant extracts such as aloe vera, tea tree, lavender or rosemary – these extracts can be soothing to the scalp and help reduce dryness and irritation.
  6. Oils such as tea tree oil, coconut oil or jojoba oil – these can be helpful for dry scalp skin that can contribute to dandruff.
  7. Ingredients such as azelaic acid, vitamin B6 and gamma-linolenic acid – these ingredients can be useful in reducing the secretion of oil on the skin of the scalp and fighting dandruff, which is caused by excessive oiliness.

Before using a new hair product, it is always a good idea to read the label and make sure that the ingredients will not cause an allergy or cause adverse reactions. Also, if you have a serious problem with scalp dandruff you should seek advice from a qualified doctor or dermatologist.

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