Shampoo for every day

Washing your hair every day can make your hair dry and damaged because your hair needs the natural oils your scalp produces to stay healthy and hydrated. When you wash your hair every day, these natural oils are washed away and hair can become dry, brittle and prone to frizz.

Also, washing your hair every day can irritate the scalp and lead to problems like itching, flaking and even hair loss. Also, the hair can become oilier because the scalp will try to compensate for the lack of natural oils.

However, if you have very oily hair or live in a very polluted environment, you may need to wash your hair every day to keep it clean and fresh. In this case, it is important to use a gentle shampoo specially formulated for frequent use, which will clean the hair, but also keep it healthy and hydrated.

Ultimately, the frequency of hair washing should be applied individually depending on your hair type, your personal needs and preferences. If you have questions about the proper care of your hair, you can consult a professional stylist or dermatologist.

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