Store-bought hair dye and professional salon hair dye differ in several ways:

  • Quality of ingredients: Professional hair dye usually contains higher quality ingredients than store-bought dye, which is essential in protecting and caring for the hair during the dyeing process.
  • Durability and reliability: Professional hair dyes are designed to be stable in color and predictable in results, while store-bought hair dyes can vary in results and are less reliable.
  • Expertise: Professional hairdressers are trained to select the right color and product for your hair type and skin tone, ensuring the best possible results. While store consultants know the most general features and often cannot help with details, which can lead to the wrong choice.
  • Application: In-salon hair dye is applied by a trained professional who can accurately mix and apply the dye to ensure even coverage, predictable results and minimize the risk of hair and scalp damage.
  • Take care of it: Professional hairdressers usually give advice on how to take care of your hair after coloring, which can help keep your hair healthy and vibrant for a longer time.

Overall, although store-bought hair dye can be a cost-effective option for those on a budget, professional salon hair dye can provide better results and a safer and more personalized experience.

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