Hair in summer
  1. When exposed to the sun, use a hat or a towel to protect it from drying out and damage.
  2. Use products with UV protection, they will protect your hair from the sun’s UV rays.
  3. After exposure to sea or chlorine water, use a hair conditioner or mask to hydrate. These products will help restore the hair’s hydration and make it softer and smoother.
  4. Avoid using curling irons or other heat tools that shape the hair on wet hair, because the water combined with the heat will damage it deeply.
  5. Try not to wash your hair every day because this leads to dehydration. Instead, wash it every two or three days (if possible).
  6. Drink enough water to keep your body hydrated, this will help retain moisture in your hair.
  7. Avoid pulling hard when tying hair in a ponytail or bun, as this also leads to damage.

If you follow these summer hair care tips, you can be assured of healthy and shiny hair, even after exposure to the sun and other extreme conditions.

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