An oxidizer is a substance that is used to oxidize hair dye. It helps the dye to penetrate the hair and give the hair the desired color. Oxidant is available in different concentrations, with a higher concentration resulting in stronger oxidation and a lighter color.

Oxidant is an important component of hair dye, but it can also be harmful to hair. It can dry out, dehydrate and even damage hair. Therefore, it is important to use an oxidant with the appropriate concentration for your hair type and to follow the instructions for use carefully.

If you have sensitive hair or skin and are prone to allergies, it is important to use an ammonia-free oxidizer. Ammonia is an irritant that can damage your scalp and hair.

Here are some tips before using an oxidizer:

  • Use an oxidant with the appropriate concentration for your hair type.
  • Do not apply the oxidant directly to the scalp.
  • Mix the oxidizer and hair dye until a homogeneous mixture is obtained (emulsion without beads of the dye cream, or unbroken areas with pure oxidizer).
  • Follow the instructions for use carefully.
  • Wash hair with shampoo and conditioner after the dye has oxidized and passed the recommended dwell time.
  • Use hair products that are suitable for colored hair.

If you have any concerns about how an oxidant is used, it is important to consult a hairdresser.

What does the oxidant contain?

The oxidizer contains hydrogen peroxide. Hydrogen peroxide is a substance that oxidizes, which means it loses electrons. When hydrogen peroxide oxidizes, it releases oxygen atoms. The oxidation of the hydrogen peroxide causes the hair dye to oxidize and give the hair the desired color.

The oxidizer may also contain other ingredients, such as flavorings, water, stabilizers, and preservatives. Ammonia is used to open the hair cuticle, allowing the hair dye to penetrate deeper into the hair. Water is used to dilute the hydrogen peroxide and facilitate the creation of an emulsion. Stabilizers are used to prevent hydrogen peroxide from oxidizing before use. Preservatives are used to prevent the growth of bacteria and mold in the oxidant. The other ingredients are conditioners and hair softeners.

If you want to learn more about oxidants, hair dyes, their mixing and properties, you can do so here:

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