Welcome to the lecture “Clients” – the key to successful service and establishing long-lasting relationships in the world of hairdressing. This module is aimed at hairdressers who wish to develop their skills in customer service, including the different types of customers, their psychology, reception and on-the-job attitudes and important aspects of customer referral.

  1. Types of customers:
    • Routine customer: Loves consistency and prefers uniform services.
    • Innovative customer: Always wants something new and modern.
    • Information client: Seeks detailed information and consultations before changes.
  2. Customer Psychology:
    • Expectations and fears: Understanding their expectations and possible fears of the changes.
    • Personal style: Establishing the client’s style preferences and individual needs.
  3. Welcoming attitude:
    • Greeting: Creating a warm and welcoming welcome.
    • Listening: Actively listening to the client’s needs and preferences.
    • Professionalism: Presentation of high professionalism and openness.
  4. Attitude at work:
    • Communication: Honest and open communication to achieve the desired result.
    • Client involvement: Introducing the client into the process, giving advice and explanations.
    • Comfort: Confidence and comfort of the client during the service.
  5. Submit to Customer:
    • Gratitude: Expressing gratitude for choosing the salon.
    • Recommendations: Offering products and services to maintain the achieved style.
    • Keeping the connection: Making sure the customer feels welcome after the service.

The purpose of the lecture is to help you create a satisfying customer experience by combining your technical skills with empathy and attention to the individual needs of each customer. Welcome to the world of customer care and professional hairdressing!

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    1. Working with clients