Welcome to the lecture “Chemical and Non-Chemical Hair Curling” – your virtual guide to the world of professional hair processing to create perfect curls and waves. This resource has been created specifically for hairdressers looking for extensive information and skills in chemical and non-chemical curling, with the aim of achieving gorgeous and innovative hairstyles.

Explore our articles, video tutorials and tips providing extensive information on permanent curling techniques and methods to create gentle waves without chemicals. Discover how to select the right products and formulas, as well as how to determine the best method for your specific hair type and desired results.

Our page also provides detailed tips on post-procedure care and maintenance to ensure long-lasting, healthy results after curling. Explore innovative techniques and trends in the world of perms, provided by professional hairdressers and experts in the field.

Whether you’re new to the industry or a seasoned professional, our lecture offers a comprehensive look at perming techniques and the ability to create individual, creative styles for your client. Welcome to the community where curling becomes an art!

  • For chemical perming, preparations and sometimes heat are used, specially created for this procedure.
  • For non-chemical perming, water and rollers are used along with a helmet to heat the hair. As well as heat curling with a curling iron.
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  1. Chemical hair perming
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