Welcome to the “Hair and Scalp Conditioning and Types” lecture – your key to understanding the basics of hair and scalp in the world of hairdressing. This training module is designed for hairdressers who wish to expand their knowledge of the structure and characteristics of hair and scalp to achieve better results in their professional practice.

In the course of the lecture we will look at the different layers of the scalp and hair structure, examining how they interact with each other. We will look at hair types and how they vary depending on texture, thickness, color and even hair structure. In addition, we will also discuss the different types of scalps and how they can affect the health and appearance of the hair.

The lecture will also include practical aspects, such as demonstrations on how to properly determine hair and scalp type, as well as what products and techniques to use for optimal care for different client needs.

The goal of the lecture is to provide you with the foundational knowledge needed to adequately diagnose and personalize your client’s hair and scalp care. Welcome to the exciting world of science and art behind every successful professional!

  1. Hair
    1.1 Types of hair
    1.2 Hair structure
    1.3 Diseases
  2. Scalp
    2.1 Device and skin
    2.2 Types of leather
    2.3 Diseases
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  1. Hair
  2. Scalp