Welcome to the “Introduction to Hairdressing” lecture – the first step to absorbing the basics of this creative and exciting world. This module is aimed at newcomers to the hairdressing industry, providing them with the necessary knowledge and inspiration to successfully embark on this career path.

  1. Basic concepts in hairdressing:
    • Hair Structure: Understanding the different layers and components of hair.
    • Face Types: Identification of different face shapes and their influence on hairstyle selection.
  2. History of Hairdressing:
    • Development: An overview of the evolution of hairdressing over the years.
    • Icons and trends: Knowledge of influential hairdressers and fashion trends.
  3. Professional Prospects:
    • Types of services: Browse the various services offered in the salons.
    • Career Path: Understanding opportunities for professional development and advancement.
  4. Basic techniques in hairdressing:
    • Cutting: Basic techniques for cutting different lengths and styles.
    • Washing and drying: Practical aspects of washing and drying hair.
  5. Ethics in hairdressing:
    • Professional Conduct: The importance of ethics and professional customer care.
    • Trust and Communication: Building trust and effective communication with customers.

The purpose of the lecture is to provide you with an overview of the world of hairdressing by introducing you to key concepts, techniques and professional perspectives. Welcome to the exciting world of creativity and beauty in hairdressing!

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  1. What is Hairdressing as a profession
  2. History and development of Hairdressing