Welcome to the “Hairdressing Salon” lecture – your key to understanding the basics of creating and running a successful hairdressing business. This module is aimed at hairdressers who wish to develop their knowledge of salon management, including furnishings, tools and materials and the important role of staff.

    1. General Description:
      • Concept of the salon: Defining the concept and uniqueness of the salon.
      • Target Audience: Identifying the target audience and clientele.
    2. Premises:
      • Location: Selection of suitable location in accordance with business objectives.
      • Design and decoration: Enhancing the atmosphere with the help of appropriate design and decoration.
    3. Furniture:
      • Furniture: Selection of comfortable and functional furniture for customers and staff.
      • Equipment: Purchase of necessary equipment and systems for customer service.
    4. Tools:
      • Cutting and hair care: Selection of high-quality tools for cutting and processing hair.
      • Electronics and Appliances: Providing modern technology and appliances to customers.
    5. Materials:
      • Hair products: Using quality products that meet the needs of different hair types.
      • Materials for maintaining cleanliness: Application of effective methods for keeping the salon clean and hygienic.
    6. Staff:
      • Training and qualification: Investment in training and development of staff to achieve a high standard of service.
      • Command spirit: Building a positive working atmosphere and team spirit in the salon.

    The purpose of the lecture is to provide you with the necessary knowledge and skills for the effective management of a hair salon, creating an attractive environment for customers and stimulating the professional development of staff. Welcome to the world of successful hairdressing business!

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    1. General description and characteristics
    2. What is needed?