What straightening iron is suitable for thin hair?

For thin hair, it is recommended to choose a straightening iron with narrow plates and adjustable temperature. This is because thin hair is more sensitive and vulnerable to high temperatures that can damage it. The narrow plates of the straightener are easier to work with and give more flexibility and control over the hair. Moreover, (more…)

How to use a hair curler?

Important: follow the manufacturer’s instructions and be careful when using the curling iron to avoid overheating the hair or burning the scalp. Also, be sure to use a heat protectant spray to protect your hair from the heat of the curling iron.

How to curl hair without a press or curling iron?

There are several ways to get curls without using a press or curling iron: With these methods, you can create beautiful curls without using a press or curling iron. How to curl with water curling rollers? Curling with water wave rollers is an easy way to achieve beautiful curls without using a hot press or (more…)

How to properly use a hair curler or straightener?

Here are some tips on how to curl or straighten your hair without burning it: Important: always use a curling iron or straightener on completely dry hair. Use on damp or wet hair can cause damage from the evaporation of the heated water, resulting in dry, brittle and split-prone hair. Also, using a curling iron (more…)